Stained Oak Flooring

This project was in Washington DC not far from the Capital.
It features reclaimed white oak from an addition which was attached to an early log house in Shenandoah County (Shenandoah Valley).
Our client sent us a picture of some reclaimed oak out of Australia which had a light white mix of stain in it.
The townhouse she lived in had several obstacles to hurdle. One being the complex required that no dust from sanding floors be made along with voc compliant finish due to vapor smell among other issues.
We had the flooring milled by our custom millers with a micro edge applied to make easy transition from board to board. Then our flooring installer Pre finished the floor at his shop and installed it for our client.
To incorporate reclaimed oak in any situation either remodeling an old existing structure or applying it to a new project can only add more value to your project and gives old reclaimed another chance to live again.
At the housewright shop we aim to make every small or large project unique in its setting. We specialize in reclaiming early structures in and around Shenandoah Valley and more specifically making it a tribute to what our founding fathers left behind and recreating another future to the materials so well preserved.