Reclaimed Oak Floors Installed in Washington DC Townhouse


We are located in Fort Valley Virginia but we work with clients all over Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey and up and down the East Coast.

This particular project included reclaimed oak flooring that we reclaimed from a farm house in our very own Fort Valley Virginia. Once we took the lumber back to our mill and cleaned it up we were immediately contacted by a buyer in the Washington DC market.

They purchased enough reclaimed oak flooring to complete their DC townhouse. The town house itself was a beautiful piece of DC architecture. We have worked in the Washington DC and northern Virginian market a lot over the past 40 years. However, this floor turned out beautiful and I hope it last another few hundred years!

We believe in conservation so when you are considering building a new home, new business or a remodel consider using reclaimed, recycled or reusable building materials.

Project Details:

The Housewright Shop


Washington DC Townhouse


October 2015


Flooring , Installed , Paneling , Stairs

Details: Used reclaimed oak flooring | Reclaimed from a farm house in Fort Valley Virginia | Installed in a Washington DC townhouse |