We at The Housewright Shop are always looking to reclaim. Basically put if your building needs to be removed and it has a stone foundation or materials you deem interesting or antique we are interested

  • Occasionally we purchase whole buildings that are considered for deconstruction and the whole building is something we can market.
  • We also purchase parts and pieces that we deem worthy of reclaiming.
  • We also remove buildings to make way for construction. In that case we might not pay for the materials or we might charge for the removal.

In the past we have salvaged materials or removed structures for churches who need parking or banks for the same reason or farmers who no longer have use of them or no longer want to pay taxes on them or small warehouses making way for future building. We make it easy for you to remove unwanted materials from your property while helping the environment by recycling.

Please look at our website and learn how we repurpose the materials that we reclaim from houses, barns and old buildings. So if you have an old building please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 540-335-6458.