When we talk about green actually in our line of work we’re talking any material in the wood line or metal line etc. that is reclaimed either from a house we dismantled or a purchase we made from a house being dismantled. The word green is being used by industry and reclaimers who also incorporate the word reuse which all basically say the same thing. Also the word green can be used in an all natural sort of way. So in green we are basically saying our wood is that of a natural content and being reused. Which for the most part in our line of work will most definitely mean coming from an antique house. So we do supply wood, metal, glass, brick and all reclaimed items coming from its original and natural resource processed to its actual form by the hands of our forefathers for the most part by hand tools of such used by carpenters, masons, glass blowers, hand hewn axe tradesmen etc.

Our Green materials are used throughout Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. The majority of our clients that we provide Green building materials to are located in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Greater Metro Area, Baltimore, New Jersey, New York and up and down the east coast.