Most all of our reclaimed materials come from houses that we individually salvage in the Shenandoah Valley. Our salvaged building includes barns, log houses, timber framed houses, old factories or historic commercial buildings.

What we salvage from these structures makes our inventory of doors, window glass and frames, brick, cut stone (mostly limestone), floor joist (hand hewn, hand dressed, rough sawn), original heart pine and oak floor and fireplace mantles.

From all of our big timbered structures we salvage logs, timber frames and barn siding. Using them for what they are and resaw them for flooring, paneling,wainscoting, porch ceiling, porch post, exposed joist, rafters, cabinet and furniture materials etc. We resaw reclaimed beams for any application within the woodworking profession.

Our log houses we salvage are used for either rebuilding anything from additions to full blown living quarters or resaw purposes.

We also collect and sell antique bathroom and kitchen fixtures, cabinets, wooden shelves from these structures which would enlighten and create an old setting in your home or weekend house.

Our reclaimed materials have been used in new construction, remodels and replacements in homes, businesses and buildings throughout Virginia, Shenandoah Valley, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Greater Metro Area, Baltimore, New Jersey, New York and up and down the East Coast.