HWS: Reclaimed Flooring, Paneling, & Panel Doors from 1800’s Home in Shenandoah Valley

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Reclaimed flooring from a 1800's home in the Shenandoah ValleyI wanted to share with you a recent project of ours in which we reclaimed building materials we reclaimed from a home built in the 1800’s located in IMG_1208the Shenandoah Valley. Before I tell you about the reclaimed materials, how the material is commonly used, first I would like to give you a definition for the word “reclaimed”.

Reclaimed = retrieve or recover (something previously lost, given, or paid); obtain the return of. That is according to Google. The Housewright Shop defines it a little differently… Reclaimed = to retrieve antique/historic building materials from homes/buildings/structures that are no longer usable and repurpose the materials as new building materials homes/buildings/structures. All of the building materials we retrieve are one of a kind and some cannot be found in our current market place. Enough about defining the word “reclaimed” let’s get into talking about some wood!

Like I mentioned above, we reclaimed a home that was built in the 1800’s in the Shenandoah Valley and found a lot of beautiful building materials. The materials that was retrieved from the home included reclaimed flooring, reclaimed paneling and reclaimed panel doors. The width of the reclaimed flooring was from 6″ to 12″. The width of the reclaimed paneling was from 6″ to 12″. The reclaimed panel doors ranged in height and width.

The reclaimed materials from this project are taken to our workshop to be milled or made ready for installation for new construction, remodel or replacement. We have the ability to mill and cut materials to meet your construction needs. We have worked with individuals, contractors, carpenters, masons and architects to provide them with the perfect unique building material.

The majority of our material is used in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC markets and installed in homes, remodels and commercial offices. We have a long history of working with individuals or companies in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Metro DC, and Baltimore. Our reclaimed panel doors have a variety of uses. Some of our past panel doors have been used to replace doors in historic homes, used in garden projects, used to make tables or used in new construction.

If you have a project and would like to view our inventory please give us a call at your convenience. Our contact information is below!

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