The Housewright Shop offers reclaimed lumber and reclaimed antique items from homes ranging from the 1700's to the 1800's


HWS: Finding Reclaimed Products for your Next Project


When you’re searching the Internet looking for reclaimed wood floors, beams,antique log houses or specialty items to fit into your ideal project. You might want to consider research on your items. Such as the history of your material like where did it come from. Is it pre 1900 or pre civil war or even pre revolutionary war. When your considering that you would want to find a source who can actually give you that information. Most reclaimers probably don’t even care or there’s no way they can know. Either because they outsourced the material or just don’t care. We serve all of Virginia, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia and North Carolina.

There’s more reclaimers out there now than ever. A vast majority are just getting into it and just simply go where the money suits best. For instance when you’re buying reclaimed oak you could quite possibly purchase reclaimed fence boards anywhere from 20 to 60 years old. If that’s really an antique to you then that’s fine. We have plenty of customers that fit that description also. But in the long haul we’re aiming to recover the past reclaim the future.
Our goal is to make fit whatever your project needs. If it’s a house your remodeling or new construction then there certain criteria you want to follow.

If you’re building a house and want to either fit in a certain historical look with reclaimed antique flooring or recovered oak or beams that are structurally supportive or aesthetic looking we can fit that project of course our supply depends on the demand.
We have and do work with not only home diy people, contractors, historical restoration contractors, architects etc.

So whatever your need we can more than likely fit that need given time and patience in either processing your order or finding a specific material.

We have access to some of the finest carpenters, furniture and cabinet makers and antique reproduction people in this whole eastern US area.

Thanks for reading.

The Housewright Shop